Stay active every day by turning every place into a playground!

Smart Sport is the simple idea that the whole world is a gym.
It is the approach that sport can be easy, accessible, everywhere and all the time: Sport, but Smart.

Smart Sport is not practiced. It is lived.

And to live it fully you only need three things: the spirit of the
Smart Sport, a hotel ibis budgetand yourself.

It’s simple, isn’t it? And if it’s simple it’s Smart, if it’s Smart: it’s Sport.

Frequently asked questions

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What is Smart Sport?

Smart sport is the passion of the ibis brand budget. It’s the sport by ibis budget : smart, economical and accessible to all.

Is the Smart Sport site exclusively for customers?

The ibisbudget Smart Sport was designed to encourage our clients to participate in sports activities, anywhere, anytime! And, at ibis budget we are committed to spreading the word about sports, so even when you are back home, you can still enjoy these services!

Great, isn’t it? You can even talk about it around you!

In more than 360 ibis budget in France.
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What is Strava?

Strava is a mobile application that allows you to keep track of your sports activities (cycling, running, indoor courses etc.). Your journey and performance can be recorded, and compared with a community. We have therefore created running routes around our hotels on the app, just for you, in collaboration with sports coaches.

Do I have to pay for it ?

Not at all. Registration to Strava is free, and ibis budget has created for you the running courses. So everything is free!

Who created the sports courses?

The CYD agency, specialized in Wellbeing, has created these running courses in partnership with certified sports coaches, experts in their field.

How do I search for a route?

On the page “Smart Sport outside”, in the section: “Routes around the hotel”.

You can search for your route:

  • By hotel name
  • By city

For the big cities, be precise, there can be many ibis budget next to you !

You can also geolocate yourself to access directly the course near you.

How to access the running courses?

Two solutions:

  • Or by clicking on “Download GPX file”.
  • Or by clicking on “See the route on Strava”. You will then be redirected to the Strava application. Once you have registered (registration is free), you can then access the courses.
How do I get into the ranking?

Go to the ibis Strava page budget and click on “Join the club”. As your activities progress, you will be included in the ranking!


How can I access the replay of the lives?

The lives are available in replay for anyone who would like to replay the sessions!

For this, nothing could be simpler:

1st method:

  • Type “Smart sport by ibis budget“in the Youtube search bar
  • Filter to see only the channels

and the channel will appear first!

2nd method:

  • Just copy/paste this link into the search bar to access the entire content of the channel:
Do I need equipment to attend these sessions?

Some objects may be needed to do the exercises during the lives:

  • A dumbbell, which can be replaced by a water bottle.
  • A towel, found inside the ibis budget rooms.
  • A chair, also found in the rooms.
  • A suitcase and a mat (optional because the exercises can be done on the floor)
What are the differences between the “morning routine”? “the sporty lunch break”? What about the “afterwork”?

THE MORNING ROUTINE : Leitmotiv: whether you are an early riser or a late riser, this routine is made for you, to gently but surely wake up your body and spend a day in top shape!

– Intensity: low to moderate (because of low body temperature)

– Targeted exercises: stretching, body awareness exercises

– Duration : 20′.

THE SPORTY LUNCH BREAK : Leitmotiv: You have a busy schedule but sport is essential for you, take advantage of 15′ top time for a good cardio session!

– Intensity: high (body temperature is at its highest at this time of day, so this is a good opportunity for a good HIT)

– Targeted exercises: HIT, Cardio

– Duration: 15 minutes

THE AFTERWORK : Leitmotiv: We release all tensions after an intense and productive day!

– Intensity: low (to prepare the body to enter the sleep phase)

– Targeted exercises: stretching on a mattress for example, Yin Yoga etc..

– Duration : 30′.

What is the level of sport required?

These sessions are accessible to all, they aim to integrate sport into your daily life, we have built them with coaches and formats adapted to your days, your desires and your needs. Go directly to the “Live” to watch the replays again !

However, all of the lives sessions that we offer are intended for people with a first experience of sports and who are aware of the associated risks in order to take all necessary precautions to avoid them. We remind you that to practice a physical activity in the best conditions for your health, it is strongly recommended to have a medical opinion.


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